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Building positive customer relationships that boost your bottom line

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Our sales agents are here to handle your inbound calls when your agents are busy. We understand that dropped calls mean wasted money. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on direct response marketing only to have your calls being dropped. Our trained agents can handle your inbound calls with the professionalism and care your customers expect.

Customer Service

SBS helps businesses of all sizes from all industries by delivering superior quality inbound and outbound call center service programs. Meeting the needs of even the most sophisticated customer care outsourcing requirements, we customize our services to effectively deliver a comprehensive communication program designed to achieve your specific end-goals. Using the latest technology.

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Outbound services

Applications online

Our state of the art lead management software allows us to perform with incredible response times. We can reach out to your customers within seconds of them hitting the apply button on your website.


Follow up calls to your non converted leads is essential. If your customer wasn't ready to buy at the moment of the initial call it doesn't mean they aren't prepared to move forward now. Let us help you bring some of those lost opportunities back.


Are your customers happy with the service they received? If the answer to this question is “I’m not sure”, we can help you. Let us understand how they rate your service, company performance and your agent’s performance. This information is crucial for improving your future service.