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SANCO Business

Sanco Business Solutions LLC, tackles basic answering service tasks, and it also handles many other Call Center Solutions. Our areas of expertise include technical support, billing, collections and customer service. We can also take credit card payments, help your customers with order processing issues and place follow-up calls to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the help they received. If necessary, the agents can schedule follow-up calls when it’s convenient. We have 10 years’ experience providing cold call, solid high-quality customer service and sales skills for all our clients and with our Technology Partnership with Velocify, we can retrieve leads from over 1,400 integrated lead sources so you won’t have to worry about our system being compatible to yours.


Our Purpose Is To Improve Communication With Your Customers

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any business, but between daily operations and sealing new deals, it can be hard to find the time for you and your staff to mind the phones, finding a balance between quality and productivity is always a hard task, but luckily there’s a solution. When your business can’t handle customer service or need assistance in generating new leads Sanco Business Solutions services will provide the help that you need; Sanco will assist your customers, conduct surveys, obtain feedback and complete any other tasks.

More Economy
More Quality
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Humanized call center service with qualified professionals

Sanco business looks to turn any lead into a prospect. We can turn any lead or any source into a hot prospect!! With our sophisticated dialing systems, we can process a lead list 6 or 7 times faster. We create a unique profile for every lead with specific instructions and details to help your sales reps. We constantly test scripts and perform continuous improvement to pursue perfection. Your sales reps will finally focus on closing hot prospects instead of chasing cold leads.